What Role Does Psychology Play in Learning and Reading Difficulties?

Today I read an article about children and aggressive behavior and the factors underlying such behavior. The article described how it is usually the home environment that is responsible for negative behaviors. Because I have taken several psychology courses throughout my life that was not alarming but the article made me pinpoint what it is that makes me care so much about literacy and struggling readers. Yes literacy is a vital skill and necessary to thrive or even function in today’s society. But the reason I want everyone to be able to read and overcome this struggle is because I know that the majority of struggling students do have a psychological dilemma that is motivating the problem. In a way it isn’t literacy I have developed a passion for, but rather concern for the students/adults that struggle with literacy. As I have discussed before, I know the majority of the individuals that struggle to learn how to read either have a condition in the wiring of their brain that makes the skill difficult for them to pick up. But lately my thoughts have focused more on the difficult living situations that make learning feel unimportant or stressful. If educators and parents knew what was really going on in the minds and lives of the students or children who struggle it what probably be a frightening discovery.

In my life that was usually very happy, learning and education were always of the most importance to me. But I can definitely see how there are living conditions that are so disheartening and difficult that learning and education would not be a priority for an individual. It is very important for teachers and parents to try and understand what is going on in the lives of students and children. With this understanding I am sure that reading instruction and every type of learning would be more effective. With this understanding the student/child could receive help for these psychological difficulties and could be taught in a way that will help them respond to and retain lesson material. Share your thoughts on how you think psychology impacts struggling readers or learning in general and visit www.ReadingHorizons.com to see how our reading program can help improve the lives of the individuals that struggle to pick up literacy skills.

Here is a link to the article that triggered this post: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/182762.php

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Mar 18 2010

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