How does UMASS-Dartmouth teach reading to adult ESL students?

Recently a few of Reading Horizons employees visited Boston. While there they visited a user of the Reading Horizons program, UMASS-Dartmouth. The university has been using Reading Horizons program to teach reading to their ESL students since August of 2009. Their experience is best shared in their own words:

Here is a video of one of the teachers, Joanne, and her thoughts on the program:

I love the power with which she speaks. My favorite line is when she describes what the program provides for some of her students:

“For other students it was like breaking a cryptic puzzle and unlocking a whole world… and if that sounds dramatic it is dramatic. I have seen dramatic differences!”- Joanne 

Here is another video from one of the students, Julia that uses the program:

It's always fun to hear of the program helping someone overcome their reading difficulties. We recently put together a series of videos of struggling readers that illustrate the emotions of people who are yet to overcome this struggle. We provided each of the participants with our program, but while making these videos, two of them had no exposure to our program and had lived their lives believing there was no solution. It's fun to hear Julia explain how she feels now that she has overcome her reading struggles.

To watch more success stories visit:

Here are the links to all of the videos that were made at UMASS-Dartmouth:

Student- Aloshia

Teachers- Lisa, Susan

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Nov 12 2010

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