ACT Results Reveal Only 1 in 4 High School Graduates are Ready for College

The latest results from the ACT assessment have revealed a startling statistic about the American education system: only 1 in 4 high school graduates are ready for college.

Here’s a news clip from NBC's Education Nation discussing this statistic:

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View this panel discussing what they think needs to be done to improve education for American students:

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In both of these clips the news stories hit on the million dollar question: What’s the solution to the education ills in America? The experts have various answers, my favorite is that we place high expectations on students regardless of their living circumstances. It’s vitally important for students to believe that their educators want them to succeed and believe that they can succeed. But although that is important, it still covers up another issue. Many students aren’t being taught with curriculum that allows them to succeed. If teachers believe in students and try to motivate them but, then teach curriculum that is confusing and doesn’t meet their needs, encouragement is not going to solve this problem, in fact, it might leave students more frustrated.

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Aug 23 2011

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