Scripted, Non-Consumable, Direct Instruction Materials for K-3 Reading Instruction

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High-Engagement Reading Instruction for K-3 Students

Reading Horizons Discovery direct instruction materials provide teachers with scripted lessons for providing high-engagement reading instruction to beginning and struggling readers in grades K-3. The materials are aligned to the Common Core State Standards as well as individual state standards and most basal programs.

Deliver Differentiated Instruction to Students
Below, On, or Above Grade Level

For each lesson, teachers are provided with several reinforcement and transfer activities that can easily be adapted to the needs of all of your students. Through these activities, teachers can provide students with the practice that will build their current skill level and help them transfer decoding skills to connected text. Activities are included for whole-class, small-group, and one-on-one instruction as well as individual practice.

Scripted, Appealing Materials for Teachers to Use in the Classroom

Teachers are provided with six scripted manuals for teaching grades 1-3 and two separate volumes for Kindergarten instruction. The manuals are printed in a two-tone color that helps improve and clarify lesson organization.

The scripted lesson plans help with implementation by requiring little preparation time. In fact, a substitute teacher can easily pick up the manual and teach students high-quality reading instruction while a teacher is away.

Scripted lessons also ensure that instructional integrity is maintained. Teachers can be confident they have taught each skill as explicitly and as succinctly as possible. This helps students quickly grasp each new concept.

Non-Consumable Classroom Materials

Aside from manuals, each teacher’s kit includes non-consumable materials that can be used year after year to make instruction more engaging and interactive for students. This includes a Game Supplement, full-color Little Books, and classroom posters.

View some of our Little Books:

Watch and listen to a low-level fiction passage ›

Watch and listen to a high-level nonfiction passage ›

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