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Highly-Differentiated Reading Instruction

Reading Horizons Discovery software provides each student with highly-differentiated instruction that can be used to pre-teach or reinforce the concepts taught in the corresponding direct instruction materials.

Independent & Self-Paced

Students are assessed after each lesson, chapter, and comprehension exercise to ensure proficiency. When a student shows signs of struggle, the software notifies the teacher, reviews instruction, and offers more practice opportunities.

Address a Range of Foundational Reading Skills

The lessons in the software focus on building many of the foundational reading skills required by the Common Core State Standards. In addition to teaching decoding skills, the software helps students transfer these skills to other areas required for reading: vocabulary, spelling, grammar, fluency, and comprehension.

Engage Students with Kid-Friendly Visuals,
Games, and Characters

Guided by relatable characters, students encounter pirates, dinosaurs, jungle safaris, and other exciting themes throughout the software that match their maturity level. Based on performance in lessons and vocabulary exercises, students earn coins needed to play a range of language-related games. The Clubhouse Store motivates students by allowing them to use the coins they’ve earned throughout the software to purchase new items for customizing their clubhouse. Students love being able to add their own personal touch to their clubhouse by changing the wall coverings, icons, furniture and other items.

Progress Monitoring for Teachers and Administrators

Detailed reports show each student’s progress in the program. Teacher notifications ensure that each teacher knows the exact needs of his or her students so immediate, targeted, intervention can be delivered to struggling students.

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Reading Assessments & Progress Monitoring

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