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'TH' is a digraph that we mark just as a blend, however digraphs differ from blends in that they are two consonants standing together to produce one sound. A voiceless consonant produces no vibration in the vocal cords.

The voiced sound of 'th' is found in words such as then, there, this and that. The voiceless sound of 'th' is found in words like thick, thin, with, math, thud and think.

The vowel 'e' is a very strong and controlling vowel. When 'e' follows 'th' it changes it from voiceless to voiced. When adding 'e', bath changes to bathe, breath changes to breathe and cloth changes to clothe.

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Judy Barton - Naples, Florida

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Steven Squillante - Assistant Principal, Manhattan, New York

Reading Horizons has produced a research-based program that is easily implemented by teachers and immediately engages the students. Often I am asked by my students if they can practice the online portion of program on their own when other academic tasks are completed, and some have even practiced from home!

Alan Geho - Union Gap, Washington

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