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Don’t just teach your students to read. Teach your students to prove they are reading with accuracy.

So why use the Reading Horizons workshop?


The workshop can be accessed free for 30-days by any educator. Reading Horizons customers are awarded free, unlimited access (a $99 value). Depending on your needs, you can request an organization-wide or an individual workshop account.


To adjust to your schedule, the workshop can be saved and paused at anytime. You can adapt the workshop to your individual needs by engaging in optional reinforcement activities for specific skills. Based on your preferences, the workshop can be completed in 2-6 hours.


The workshop can be used as an introduction and/or refresher course for understanding how to teach Reading Horizons research-based methodology to beginning readers, struggling readers, and ESL students of all ages.

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New & Improved

Reading Horizons Online Workshop has recently been updated.

The new version includes a new look and feel, certification assessment, and an administration system.

Workshop - Lesson
Workshop - Lesson
Workshop - Administrative System
Workshop - Assessment

Workshop Tutorial

Lesson Sample: C/K Rule



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Ms. Lisa Warren

April 29, 2013

I truly enjoyed going through the online workshop and practicing the different modules after the lessons. It's one thing to know phonics it's another to teach it. It was fun, interactive, and I love that the students will use their multiple intelligences to improve spelling, reading and comprehension. I look forward to implementing these skills and watch the "Light bulb" of learning come on as the struggled readers become "Confident Readers" for life!!!!! :-) Thanks for the tutorial/workshop. May we all reach as many as we can to be successful independent comprehensive readers!!!!!!! Ms. Lisa Warren


August 06, 2012

Reading Horizons Discover Intensive Phonics Workshop is the Icing on the Cake ~ Phonics has never tasted this good ~ A Must See !!

Descartes Docabo

June 04, 2012

I have had the pleasure of participating Reading Horizon’s online workshop “Discover Intensive Phonics for Yourself". The free webinar never failed to impress me with its uniquely simple and practical approach, firmly grounded in the extensive classroom experience of the author. The workshop is packed full of instantly usable ideas, marvelously organized and equally well presented, often with active audience participation. Furthermore, each time I signed in to continue the workshop, I always feel inspired and excited by various ideas for the classroom. In addition, I have used many of the activities and suggestions and always come out of class feeling that my lesson was a great success and that my students have learned skills to take out of the classroom and into their lives. It was really illuminating. I highly recommend this workshop!


June 01, 2012

I love reading horizons. I noticed Clary wants to teach it in Japan. What is SO great is that I taught many parts of it when I lived in Japan for over ten years. Because Japanese is a syllabic language, what was really helpful was being able to show the slide with the consonant and vowel---like ba, be, bo, bu, and bi and since I spoke Japanese, I could explain how our vowels just made different sounds for the ba, bo, and bu combos. If you know Japanese, you know what I mean......but it was helpful for students to see this distinction because when they read the romanization of their own language, it can be very confusing since the letters look like English. This slide aspect of Reading Horizons was most helpful when I taught English. FYI for Clary and anyone else who has

CK of Spokane, WA

April 21, 2012

Thank you! Watching this workshop gave me the skills I needed to teach my daughter how to read. Her second grade teacher told me she "doesn't know much about phonics" and that "recent research does not support phonics." The school would not even acknowledge dyslexia; they told me since she knew her letter sounds she wasn't dyslexic. They didn't recognize that she displayed most of the characteristics associated with dyslexia. I read every book I could find on the subject, learned how to teach her myself, and now she can read. This workshop played an important role in her success. I wish I could encourage the district to acknowledge dyslexia and the importance of phonics, but they will not listen to me. The district's teachers and students could really benefit from this workshop.

Carlos Silva

March 08, 2012

I am really impressed by the things I see on this program. I am from Brazil and as far as what I see it could be use in classroom down there perfectly helping student with intonation improving systematically those who need help speaking.


March 03, 2012

Excellent progam

Juvy Abecia

January 30, 2012

I think this program is good for Filipino Teachers, on how to improve the way of producing the sounds of speech ,including articulation,stress, and intonation.

Clarence Caines

September 16, 2011

As a teacher in Japan, I have seen so many students that hate to study English. I started to notice the once that have given up, because they do not have the skills to read. Now add on its another language. So I will try my best and fallow the Reading Horizons program. I am a believer in this system and will use it to the best of my skills. I know already that I will be able to deliver a greater lesson. Thank you Reading Horizons, Clary

Allison Creed

August 28, 2011

Hello. I have just read Vivienne F Thornton's comments (where are you based?) and believe we have stumbled on to this website at a similar time and in the same country - Australia. I too am a LLN and ESL teacher (at a Community College at present) currently completing a Master of Ed (TESOL) and would very much like further information about the promotion/distribution possibilities for this product in Australia. I have begun explicit phonics instruction linked with increasing phonological awareness for both my first and second language adult learners but have just taken the tour and now downloaded the 30 day free PD trial. This product seems so logical, straight forward and sequential that I can't wait to start! Are there any other research links that you could email me apart from those on the website?

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