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Empower Teachers to Empower Students

When teachers are initially trained prior to their professional career, they are given little instruction in how to teach basic literacy skills to beginning and struggling readers. This leaves a lot of students without the basic skills they need to succeed in education - especially students with processing issues, special needs, and English language learners (about 30% of all students).

To help fill this gap, Reading Horizons offers a two-day training, and a follow-up one-day certification training, on basic literacy instructional strategies.

The workshop is great for Reading Horizons customers and any educator that wants to improve their instruction, build their resume, and earn PD hours.

There are two ways to attend a teacher training, you can host one at your school, or you can attend a workshop at another school (most teachers will have to travel to attend a training).

Two–Day Intensive Reading Strategies Workshop (Educators)

This workshop includes two days of hands-on instruction in the basic literacy strategies taught in the Reading Horizons methodology. This approach engages students in explicit, systematic, and multi-sensory reading instruction that has been organized in a way that is practical for teachers to teach and simple for students to learn. The strategies are aligned with research-based best practices, the Orton Gillingham approach to reading instruction, and the Common Core State Standards.

The strategies taught in this workshop are beneficial for all students, but crucial for students that struggle with reading - especially students with learning disabilities (such as dyslexia), special needs, and English language learners. When taught these strategies, students are empowered with strategies that drastically decrease reading, spelling, and pronunciation errors.

Attendees are taught the framework of Reading Horizons methodology, from slides to syllabication. The workshop is hands-on and engaging.

Two–Day Reading Horizons Discovery Workshop (Elementary, Customers) - H410RHD

The H410RHD is two days of hands-on instruction in the Reading Horizons Discovery course. Attendees will be familiarized with the history of the methodology; instructed in the basic framework of the program, starting with the alphabet all the way through syllabication; and participate in games and activities to become familiar with what the students experience. The workshop is hands-on and engaging. Teachers are empowered with the proven strategies to help their students improve reading.

Attendees are also instructed in implementation and are familiarized with the different options for presenting Reading Horizons Discovery to their students.

Two–Day Reading Horizons Discovery Implementation Workshop (Elementary) - H415

This workshop includes two days of hands-on instruction in the Reading Horizons methodology. It incorporates the skills presented in the Online Reading Workshop and is similar to the H410RHD but uses a more hands-on approach. Teachers attending this workshop are encouraged to have previously completed the Online Workshop which can be accessed free for 30-days at (a certificate of completion may be presented to the institution’s reading coach/facilitator prior to the workshop).

Two–Day Reading Horizons Workshop (Secondary, Customers) - H410RH

The H410RH is a two day workshop for secondary and adult education teachers in which they are instructed in the methodology and software. Attendees are taught the framework of the program, from the slides to syllabication. The workshop is hands-on and engaging. Teachers are instructed on the best place to start with older students and are taken through the software in great detail. They become familiar with both the student and the administration side of the software and are guided as to the best method of instruction.

Implementation and Certification Workshop (K-12, Customers) - H420

Six weeks to three months following the initial two-day training (H410 either RH or RHD), an additional day of training is desirable. This training is a review of the skills taught in the H410 and provides a venue to discuss issues. This workshop also instructs in the additional skills taught at the end of the Reading Horizons program. Teachers will learn cross-curriculum application of all skills taught in the program, along with transfer strategies and student/report monitoring for ensured student success. Completion of this third day of training, along with practicum hours and completion of a written exam, qualifies the teacher for teacher certification. Teacher observation from a Reading Horizons trainer or the teacher’s director/supervisor is also suggested to ensure mastery of concepts and fidelity of instruction.

Reading Horizons Coaching (K-12, Customers) - H475

This coaching provides on-site observation and training conducted by a Certified Workshop Instructor for the reading coach/facilitator and teachers who have adopted the Reading Horizons methodology. Coaching ensures proper implementation of the program, especially during the first year of instruction. The time can be “tailored” to the institution’s needs.

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