Grant Details

Title 21st Century Community Learning Centers - Arkansas
State Arkansas
Type 21st Century, Afterschool Programs
Phone (501) 683-4497
Address 21st Century Community Learning Centers Arkansas Department of Education Division of Learning Services Tammie Cloyes Four Capitol Mall, Box 26 Little Rock, AR 72201
Range $50,000 to $150,000
What is Funded This grant is very competitive in Arkansas you will need to have partnerships with the school and additional community based organizations to apply for the grant.
Who is Eligible Eligible entities are local educational agencies (LEA/Target School) that meet the Targeted School requirement of 40% Free/Reduced Lunch criteria, community-based (CBO) or faith-based (FBO) organizations, other public or private entities, or a consortium or two or more or such agencies, organizations or entities. Grants will be limited per program and/or school site for ensuring accessibility, intensive services and academic enrichment. Schools are the eligible entity. A school district may ONLY apply if the program site is located on the same area campus. (Example) The K-2 building and the 3-6 building are in close proximity and are both Targeted Schools 40% F/R lunch.
How to Apply Go to their website. There will be a link to the guidelines on the right side of the page.
Deadline March
Deadline Details As of November 2014, there was no specific deadline info on their website. In the past the deadline has been in March.

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Scope: US-Arkansas

Deadline: 03-March

Type: 21st Century, Afterschool Programs

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