Grant Details

Title 21st Century Community Learning Centers - Maryland
State Maryland
Type 21st Century, Afterschool Programs
Phone 410-767-0034 Fax: 410-333-8010
Address Vanessa J. Diggs, Director Youth Development Branch 21st Century Community Learning Centers Maryland State Department of Education 200 West Baltimore Street Baltimore, MD 21201
Range $50,000-$400,000
What is Funded Funds are provides to give students quality education.
Who is Eligible Grantees consist of schools, local school systems, faith-based organizations, and community-based organizations.
How to Apply Visit their website. On the sidebar to the right, there are several links. Click on the link that says something about an RFP.
Deadline May
Deadline Details Submission is due in late April or early June. See website for current due dates.

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Scope: US-Maryland

Deadline: 05-May

Type: 21st Century, Afterschool Programs

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