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  • Dyslexia: A Lifelong Journey

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    About the Presenter

    William J. Therrien, Ph.D., BCBA; Donell Pons, M.Ed.; Jared Madsen

    William J. Therrien, Ph.D. is the Program Coordinator and Professor of Special Education for the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia. Therrien earned his Ph.D. from Penn State University. His main research interest is empirically investigating academic instructional interventions for students with learning disabilities.

    Donell Pons, M.Ed., earned a dual master's degrees in Education and Teaching from Westminster College along with a certification in Special Education. She is also a tutor in several Orton-Gillingham based reading programs and a certified dyslexia screener and consultant. Pons currently sits on the board of Decoding Dyslexia Utah and works at the University of Utah Reading Clinic.

    Jared Madsen is the owner and creator of Madsen Cycles, a successful cargo bike manufacturing company. Husband and father of three. Madsen was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD as a young child, making traditional school and learning to read a tremendous struggle. Yet, he believes dyslexia can be a huge gift in that it helped him think and act outside the box his entire life. He believes his unique creativity, entrepreneurial passion, clever hands, and mechanical mind largely evolved because of his dyslexia.

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