Reading Horizons Accelerate™

Training and resources for teachers

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Reading Horizons Accelerate offers resources to support effective implementation of both Reading Horizons Discovery® and Reading Horizons Elevate® programs.

  • Support teacher development and program implementation with fidelity
  • Plan lessons quickly and effectively with the lesson planner and tutorials
  • Keep skills fresh with 24/7 access to online training modules

Reading Horizons Online Professional Development

The Reading Horizons Online Professional Development Course is a virtual classroom designed to support a Reading Horizons implementation. When combined with the one-day in-person training, this course gives educators everything they need to implement Reading Horizons with fidelity. Our six-module, on-demand training is like having a certified Reading Horizons trainer on-call 24 hours a day.

Lesson Planner

The Lesson Planner within Reading Horizons Accelerate allows you to create custom instructional plans, track progress, and monitor student performance for each lesson.

The Lesson Planner lets you import students directly from your Reading Horizons Discovery® and Reading Horizons Elevate® accounts. Based on student data, collected from software lessons or Check-Ups, the planner will divide your students into groups to help you differentiate your teaching so you can meet the needs of every student.


With so many worksheets, assessments, and activity printouts, it can be easy to misplace something important. In the Reading Horizons Accelerate Resource Center you can access and print any of our hundreds of resources with a few simple clicks.

The Reading Horizons lesson manuals are all accessible in Reading Horizons Accelerate and are intuitively organized. Teachers can easily review concepts, download appropriate activity pages, and build custom lessons.


Teachers face a unique set of concerns. When no one else seems to relate, turn the the Reading Horizons Accelerate Community. Teachers can ask and answer questions, share tips and ideas, or share success stories.

For our Implementation Partner Schools, Reading Horizons Accelerate will host a site-specific forum for each school, creating a single community with easy access to our customer success and curriculum teams

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