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Reach struggling readers at their individual level by incorporating the Reading Horizons blended learning program in your school or classroom.

The Perfect Blend of Instruction for Struggling Readers

Interactive Software

The Reading Horizons Elevate™ interactive software program allows students to improve their reading skills in a way that is self-paced and independent—making them less resistant to instruction and more open to learning.

Reading Horizons software-based instruction helps struggling readers make strides in reading in four powerful ways:

Differentiates Instruction

Reading Horizons software adapts to each student’s individual performance, delivering targeted activities for struggling students and faster pacing for advanced students. Because instruction matches student ability, students make rapid progress and stay motivated and engaged in the process of learning to read.

Ensures Quality Instruction

Reading Horizons software ensures that students receive high-quality, consistent reading help even when they have substitute teachers, miss a class, or enter the school year late. Reading Horizons software also ensures quality instruction in environments where a teacher is new or has not yet been trained in the method.

Facilitates Independent Learning

Reading Horizons software is beneficial for struggling students because it delivers the lesson material they need in a nonthreatening, age-appropriate way—while encouraging them to become more self-reliant and independent in their work.

Enables Data-Driven Decision Making

Reading Horizons software helps teachers maximize the effectiveness of their direct instruction by providing detailed information about the specific skills students are struggling with. The report data can also be used to organize small group instruction that matches student skill.

Direct Instruction

Reading Horizons direct instruction is critically important because it employs all the modalities used in learning: visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic. All learners, but especially struggling readers, benefit from high-engagement, multisensory, teacher-led instruction that activates and connects multiple areas of the brain—connections that are only developed through hands-on learning and activities.

When used in connection with Reading Horizons software, student performance data can dictate the specific direct instruction needs of students. Through targeted handson learning and activities, students are able to make fast gains in reading.

By using technology to improve the efficiency of instruction, teachers can increase their focus on the thing that can never be replaced by a computer: promoting the self-worth of their students.

Using Reading Horizons Elevate as a Blended Learning Reading Program in Grades 4-12

We used to think we had to provide lots of fun activities to hook kids into school. But what we found was, Reading Horizons did that better than any sport or arts activity we could provide for our kids. Once they started really learning how to read and mastering the English language, they couldn’t get enough of school.

Janine Caffrey

New York Public Schools

& Perth Amboy Public Schools

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