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  • Tips for Supporting Children with Dyslexia

    In October 2017, we hosted an online dyslexia summit which included three unique presentations ranging from an expert panel to expert advice on assistive technology to help students who have … more

  • 5 Time-Saving Tips for Reading Horizons Lessons

    When I was working in the classroom, I would often say that I could sleep over at school every night and still not feel caught up. What’s even worse is that the moments with our students are … more

  • 21 Helpful Books About Dyslexia for Parents and Educators

    In Reading Horizons webcast, Dyslexia Q&A: Expert Panel Discussion, our dyslexia experts, Donell Pons, M.Ed., MAT, SPED, and Shantell Berrett, MA, shared their favorite books about dyslexia for … more

  • Learning the Value of English as a Computer Science Major

    In July, I had the opportunity to spend two weeks in Thailand as part of my senior project in computer science. As a Web developer at Reading Horizons for the last two years, I am very familiar with  … more

  • 6 Ways to Motivate Reluctant Readers to Read

    1. Build their self-efficacy toward reading.

    Self-efficacy is defined by Albert Bandura (1986) as “the beliefs that we have about ourselves that cause us to make choices, put forth effort, and … more

  • Who Chooses Your Read Aloud Literature?

    As a ten-year veteran elementary classroom teacher, I had my fair share of using different curricula and methodologies to teach reading, specifically during read aloud instruction. Over the years, … more

  • I Really Thought I Was a Great Reading Teacher…

    During the decade I spent as a teacher of struggling middle and high school readers, I was dedicated and constantly finding ways to engage and motivate my students in reading. My classroom … more

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