June 24, 2016

Five Powerful Reading Horizons Success Stories From the 2015-2016 School Year


We hope the 2015–2016 school year was a success for you and your students! In celebration of the end of the school year, we want to share a few of our favorite Reading Horizons success stories from this past school year:

*No school or student names will be shared to protect student privacy. 

"I have a student that was in first grade. He had repeated kindergarten at his previous school. He came to my school because he had been placed with grandparents the previous year because his parents could not take care of him. His grandparents were aging and were no longer able to care for him so he was placed in foster care and that is when he came to my school. Not long after he came to my school he learned that his grandfather passed away and within a month, his grandmother passed away also. Shortly thereafter, he was placed in his second foster home. Therefore, school was not a priority for this child. He was failing. We were struggling to teach him to read but reading was not a focus for him in first grade. He was more concerned about his home life and rightfully so. He was not receiving much help in his foster home because they were trying to help with other issues at hand. All of this took place between August 2015 and January 2016. We started Reading Horizons in January 2016. This is the child that went from making constant zeros and failing grades on his spelling tests to making a 105 during the second week of implementation of Reading Horizons! Unbelievable!"

—    Elementary Principal, AL

"This year I have 28 students in my first-grade classroom. In August the DIBELS Assessment data showed that 61.5% of my students were intensive, 19.2% were strategic, and 19.2% were at benchmark ready for first-grade curriculum. Reading Horizons has provided an additional exposure to phonic patterns and skills my students truly needed and continue to need. The engagement of participation is so high that I know my students are learning. The benchmark 2 DIBELS Assessment has just been completed and I am so pleased with the results. We have learned SO MUCH and so many of my students are changing their behavior because they are successful in reading, in learning, and self-esteem is rising! It is amazing how a child's behavior changes once they begin to read with ease and fluency. I now have 67.9% of my students at benchmark level, 17.9% are strategic, and only 14.3% are still intensive. We have turned our graph upside down and the numbers are even better!"

—     Elementary Teacher, UT

"Most students are finished with Reading Horizons. I gave the San Diego Quick Assessment and the Slosson Oral Reading Test—both decoding tests—and measured students the last week of our 1st semester. Our 7th graders' average grade level decoding was 6.63, and 8th-grade avg. was 7.58. I was thrilled!  I purposely didn’t measure grade level decoding in September, knowing results would be devastating on students’ confidence levels, but Reading Horizons claim to raise kids 2 grade levels, no doubt, worked for us! Because of our improved 'accuracy,' our comprehension scores averaged miraculous grade level gains in four months: 7th=1.38, and 8th=2.15. Hallelujah!"

—     Middle School Reading Skills Specialist, WY

"I have a 15-year-old student that came into our program reading at the 4th-grade level. She became very angry telling me that she is not going to do any stupid reading program. She said she was tired of being teased about being stupid and would not participate because she has tried for so long without success. The last statement she made was, you have to show me research that it works. I downloaded some examples of students who found success from the Reading Horizons website and the research behind it. After she received this, she was willing to participate. I was able to pick and choose the lessons I felt would benefit her most, so that she did not feel like she already knew the material. This has only been two weeks now, but she is fully engaged in the program to improve her ability in reading. I feel confident she will find the reward of success she is seeking as she continues the program. Thanks Reading Horizons, for providing a program that can help reluctant readers to try yet again to succeed."

—    Youth Facility SPED Director, UT

"Students have shown remarkable progress using the software portion of the Reading Horizons program with an increase in vocabulary, reading grade level, and comprehension. Student 1: a male English Language Learner—age 32 enrolled with us after his wife was shot and killed leaving him with 3 young daughters. This student spoke and understood little English at enrollment. After 94 hours in the software component, he has learned 782 new vocabulary words and is reading at the third-grade reading level. Student 2: a female English Language Learner—age 39 enrolled with us in September of 2014. This student spoke and understood very little English at enrollment. She was very nervous and she was trembling during the enrollment process. After 116 hours in the software component, she has learned 3,368 new vocabulary words and is reading at the fifth-grade reading level."

—    Community Learning Center Instructor, KS

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