February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day Special—What Makes People Love Reading?

love-readingWhen I heard about an email our company sent out about the “Love of Reading” for Valentine’s Day I couldn’t resist myself from stealing the idea and sharing my thoughts on the topic. Because of my constant focus on structured literacy and reading, I have thought a lot about my own reading habits and what guides my reading choices. Through analyzing my own reading habits I’ve realized I personally love to read because I love to learn. I love books about ideas and concepts and self-improvement. But I also have found myself purely entertained by stories of adventure and fantasy. I am convinced the most fun a person will ever have is reading a Harry Potter book. The worst part of every Harry Potter book is finishing it and knowing that the adventure is over.

People love reading different types of things at different times and under different circumstances. I’d love to hear about other people’s reading habits and why they love to read. Comment and share your love of reading for Valentine’s Day!

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angie said

When I was younger I only ever read during the summer when I had a lot of free time. However now I try to always be reading something. The more I am in the habit of reading- the more I read and the more I love it!

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dental insurance said

I love the escape, I love the way it makes me think, I love what I learn, I love how I gain fresh perspectives...

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Carla Reyes said

The excitement, the love, the "I can't resist to read it", the emotional tie to the one who gives you the card. There are multiple novels coming out at Valentine's day and most readers are females.

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