April 23, 2010

5 Reasons To Go Read Outside in the Sun


As I was sitting at my desk with dark clouds and rain pouring outside, the only topic that motivated me to write was the effects of sunshine on behavior. Where I live is still deciding whether or not to make the switch to summer and I recently found on article that discussed the effect of sun on our moods. The article revealed the following findings:

  1. We are nicer on sunny days. People pay others higher tips and are more willing to take surveys on sunny days.
  2. College admissions favor socially strong students on sunny days and academically strong students on cloudy days.
  3. The stock market is 3x’s more likely to go up on the days it is sunny in the city of the exchange.
  4. Lottery ticket sales increase on cloudy days because the poorer moods associated with bad weather decrease self-control and people are more willing to give into temptation.
  5. On cloudy days people consume more chocolate and comfort foods as an attempt to improve one’s mood.

To read the entire article click here.

I love the sun! There is clearly substantial research that proves the benefits it has on our moods. Thus, I encourage anyone who is blessed with the sun today and the ability to read to go outside and read a book to give yourself a mood boost!

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dental insurance said

We should all move to Arizona. Seriously. It's sunny 95% of the time. When I'm there, so many people tell me they moved there because they were so much happier when they came to visit. I can see why.

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El Monte Dentist said

I do find ppl in a better mood during sunny days, for what's it worth, clients tend to be nicer on a sunny day.

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