Reading Horizons Core Values

The following values guide the company culture, decision-making, and priorities at Reading Horizons:


We yearn to make a difference in the world—to improve the conditions of individuals and society as a whole. Human progress is a priority for us and gives purpose to our work and lives. We find joy in helping those we serve as we share the gift of literacy.


We believe in a higher purpose to life and we believe in religious freedom for all. We express this right by including prayer in internal meetings and decision making. We respect each employee's decision to participate or refrain from this activity according to their individual interest and beliefs.


Positive relationships give meaning to life and work. The quality of our relationships at work and home are a key component of happiness. We believe that the personal relationships we have with our family and friends are among the highest priorities in life. It is important that we have the flexibility to support and meet our commitments to those we love.


Honest work is central to success. We do what we say we are going to do. This builds loyalty, trust, and character. We recognize that high levels of trust increase speed and efficiency. We appreciate the value of hard work and strive to give 100% effort at all times.


We constantly strive to improve ourselves and the quality of our work. We seek for the sense of fulfillment and accomplishment that is found through hard work and improvement. We also strive to improve our products and services by building our expertise and engaging in innovative and creative thinking.


Recognizing and celebrating the success of each individual validates and builds camaraderie. We believe in building each other up. We humbly seek to recognize the work and dedication that each of us put forth.


Life is too short to limit fun to time at home. We find fun and humor in work and interactions with each other.