Title I, Part A

Title I is the largest source of federal funding for schools. This funding source currently provides more than $16 billion dollars to schools that serve a high number or high percentage of children from low-income families. Title I funding helps to ensure children living in poverty can meet challenging academic standards set by the state. The president's new budget requests a $20 billion increase to Title I, bringing total investment to $36 billion for public elementary and secondary schools in the most underserved communities.

How Can My District Use Title I Funding?

Your district can use any Title I funding it receives to help your students meet your state's academic standards by supplementing existing programs and accountability systems that incorporate various measures of school success. Among other expenses, you may use your Title I funding to provide extra teachers, intervention programs, supplemental materials, technology, professional development, or other programs to help create a well-rounded education for disadvantaged students.

How Can Reading Horizons Help Your Disadvantaged Students Meet State Academic Standards?

Reading Horizons Discovery® for K–3 Tier I Instruction

  • Schools across the country use Reading Horizons Discovery® Structured Literacy curriculum in their mainstream K–3 classrooms for explicit phonics instruction. Teachers use our direct instruction materials during daily phonics lessons, and students use the accompanying software to review and reinforce skills. Teachers can review software data to more effectively target their instruction to the needs of their students. Administrators can review school/district software data to assess and assist in implementation.
  • RH Discovery delivers high-quality content, multisensory practice, and transfer and application activities through direct instruction, allowing for targeted, high-quality intervention.
  • RH Discovery employs a Structured Literacy approach that integrates listening, speaking, reading, and writing to raise student achievement.

Reading Horizons for Tiers II and III Intervention

  • RH Discovery can also be used as a Tier II remediation program in grades K–3 for small-group instruction, or for Tier III intensive intervention, especially with ELL students and students with disabilities (e.g., dyslexia) to ensure that all children meet challenging state academic standards.
  • Reading Horizons Elevate® is an intervention program designed for older students who have reading difficulties. It helps students fill in foundational decoding skill gaps with assessment-driven explicit phonics instruction based on the principles of reading science.
  • RH Elevate is software-led and reinforced with direct instruction, following the same method and progression of skill lessons as the RH Discovery program.
  • RH Elevate provides students with independent, competency-based learning that addresses their unique needs, adjusts to their pace, and gives them the privacy to struggle without shame.

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"My first grade teachers have seen a huge improvement in DIBELS scores from the beginning of the year to mid year scores. They attribute it completely to implementation of Reading Horizons! The student engagement during their phonics block has also improved motivation and mastery of foundational reading skills."

— Nevada Instructional Coach