Title II

Title II funding can be used to prepare, train, and recruit high-quality teachers and leaders. With a focus on increasing student academic achievement through strategies, such as improving teacher quality, Title II funds can be used for professional development activities that are sustainable, intensive, collaborative, job-embedded, data-driven, and classroom-focused.

The president's new budget requests $1.6 billion to support additional certifications for more than 100,000 educators in high-demand areas like special education, bilingual education, career and technical education, and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and $30 million to recruit and train school leaders.

How Can My District Use Title II Funding?

Most districts use their Title II funds to provide professional development. In particular, funds are used to provide continuous, ongoing training that helps teachers understand academic subjects and learn strategies to help students meet high academic standards.

How Can Reading Horizons Help You Prepare and Train Teachers and Leaders?

  • Part of the purpose and mission of Reading Horizons is to expand teacher education in foundational literacy instruction, thereby increasing the potential of their students. Effective implementation begins with classroom-focused professional learning for every educator and paraprofessional who will be providing literacy instruction to increase student academic achievement.
  • Reading Horizons Professional Learning increases teacher knowledge and skills while building district capacity and sustainability.
  • Reading Horizons Professional Learning is collaborative and interactive. It begins with a kickoff training where teachers receive a complete overview of the Reading Horizons method, are given a background in the science of reading and the elements and principles of Structured Literacy, an orientation to all materials, and practice in successfully implementing direct instruction.
  • Reading Horizons Professional Learning is sustained through the web-based Reading Horizons Online Professional Development Course. Download our RH Online PD brochure for more information.
“I am a special education teacher. I had two English Learner students in my program. I took advantage of the Reading Horizons online modules to learn how the program works. After the first couple of modules, I decided to apply some of the strategies with my whole class. My lowest student (5th grader with an eligibility of Learning Disabilities and severe speech and memory needs) started the school year reading passages from the first grade level. After a semester of using Reading Horizons strategies (signs for short vowels, marking words,and breaking words into syllables) he is now reading second-third grade passages. THANK YOU!! for all the work you do to support students and teachers.”

— California Special Education Teacher