Title IV

Title IV is a block grant that provides over $1 billion in funding for school safety, well-rounded education, and educational technology initiatives. Under the CARES Act, these funds can now be used to fund any of these three priorities:

  • providing students a well-rounded education
  • maintaining student health and safety
  • purchasing and implementing education technology and systems

How Can My District Use Title IV Funding?

21st Century Community Learning Centers programs can provide a wide variety of enrichment activities, including academic remediation, tutoring, music, art, technology, health, counseling, and recreation.

How Can Reading Horizons Help Ensure a Well-Rounded Education?

  • Reading Horizons Discovery® and Reading Horizons Elevate® Software are powerful education technology solutions that provide students with highly differentiated instruction, adapted to the individual student, and can be used to pre-teach or reinforce concepts taught in the corresponding direct instruction materials. The system is designed to do the following:
    • Assess a range of reading and spelling skills that will customize instruction to match student needs.
    • Assess initial reading level to provide a Lexile® measure.
    • Address a full range of foundational reading skills.
    • Deliver high-quality reading instruction to each student
    • Provide customized lesson options to target specific student needs.
    • Ensure students learn at their own pace.
    • Engage grade K–12 students with visuals, games, and decodable text.
    • Provide progress monitoring for teachers and administrators.
  • For more information on how Reading Horizons aligns with Title IV objectives, see our Reading Horizons Curriculum page.
“I have an 8th grade student with whom I’ve been working since the 5th grade. Despite trying every strategy I could think of to help him improve his reading skills, this student did not seem to be making progress or retaining what I was teaching him. When I discovered Reading Horizons, I decided to give it a try. It was like a match made in heaven. In addition to my direct instruction in class, he was able to take on some independence and responsibility for his reading improvement through Reading Horizons’ online software program. Even when not in school or the classroom, he continued to use the program at home because he loved it and the achievement he was finally experiencing. He’s told me his favorite task is reading the library selections. He’d often stop what he was reading to tell me some interesting facts he’d learned. Finally, some positive feelings for this student when it comes to having to read!”

—Massachusetts Instructor