July 21, 2014

[PRESS RELEASE] Florida Department of Corrections Adopts Reading Horizons Statewide to Improve Inmate Literacy

North Salt Lake, UT—In an effort to improve inmate literacy, the Florida Department of Corrections has purchased and began implementing the Reading Horizons reading program into correctional facilities statewide. Statewide implementation will take place over the next three years. As a start, 10 facilities have purchased the materials and are conducting trainings over the next few months. 

florida-department-of-correctionsThrough exposure at the Florida Literacy Conference, there has been an interest in Reading Horizons from Florida State Corrections for several years. In March of this year, Reading Horizons was invited to do a mini-workshop at the statewide administrators’ meeting in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Reading Horizons made history by being the first vendor that had ever presented at this conference. One of Reading Horizons Certified Trainers and Distributors, Matt Crismon, presented the program at the conference and according to the meeting administrator—it was the best program he’d ever seen for teaching literacy to adult learners and English language learners (including those learners in correctional facilities).

Educators in the Florida Department of Corrections choose to implement the Reading Horizons program because it’s effective while being easy to use. The facilities plan to implement both software and direct instruction together in a blended learning approach to reading instruction. The facilities are also training inmates to tutor their peers on the program. 

To learn more about Reading Horizons as an inmate literacy program, click here

About Reading Horizons:

Founded in 1984, Reading Horizons provides teacher training, teacher’s manuals, and interactive software that empower teachers to effectively teach beginning readers, struggling readers, and English Language Learners. By learning the core of the Reading Horizons framework (The 42 Sounds of the Alphabet, Five Phonetic Skills, and Two Decoding Skills), students have all of the skills they need to read the vast majority of words in the English language. The Reading Horizons program is currently offered in over 10,000 schools across the country. Follow Reading Horizons at www.readinghorizons.com.

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