January 01, 2003

Educational Products for Reading Get Updated

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Major Materials Revision

HEC's goal for the design and content of the new material was to help teachers more effectively implement Discover Intensive Phonics in the classroom.

Chrystine Gonzalez, an elementary school teacher, says, "The additions of the Parent Involvement pack and Appendix are fabulous, and the updated manuals are fantastic!"

Among other things, the new Teacher's Kit consists of a two-volume manual, approximately 700 pages in length, with a 200 page Appendix replete with games and activities to support the lessons. The Discover Intensive Phonics Adult Manual has also been revised. This covers the same concepts as the Elementary Manual but is designed specifically for older students.

Following are a few enhancements made to the new version:

  • 300 additional pages of teacher helps
  • Color-coded and tabbed teaching units
  • Complete indexing
  • Games and activities/teacher instructions
  • Instructional CD-ROM, which contains black line masters
  • Parent Involvement Pack (materials for home use)
  • Additional posters
  • Two flipcharts
  • Carrying case

Accompanying the new Teacher's Kit and Manual is the release of version 3.0 of the Reading Horizons and Discover Intensive Phonics for Yourself computer courseware for Macintosh and Windows.

Corey Triassi, a teacher in Lake Havasu, Arizona, raved, "The upgrades in the software are awesome. When I put the new program on the computer, my students were so excited that I had to quiet them down."

There are many upgrades to the new software. Reading Horizons now allows the teacher to select whether the "schwa" sound or the pure sound is heard in the lessons, the lesson material customizes itself to the needs of each student, there is a new vocabulary section in the MDP, customizable login numbers and new reports are available, and more!

Please contact Reading Horizons if you would like a complete description, including a demo CD-ROM.

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