February 20, 2018

Excellent to the Core Cordova Elementary School earns A on state report card


"Excellent to the Core: Cordova Elementary School earns A on state report card" by Jennifer Cohron. Originally published in Daily Mountain Eagle, February 9, 2018Teach in game pieces

A commitment to intervention is one part of an overall culture of excellence in place at CES.

Two years ago, the school implemented Reading Horizons, a program that provides a strong foundation for beginning and struggling readers.

Williams credits her faculty’s embrace of that program with helping students in every grade level become better readers.....

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Sharon Hillestad said

The Community Learning Center in Clearwater, Florida installed the Reading Horizon courseware in 2001. Several foreign language students learned to speak English using this material. Recently one of those students approached me to say how much that program had changed his life. He could read English but not speak it in 2001. His big breakthrough was learning that written English has letters that do not sound. The silent E rule was a revelation to him. He benefited from the practice and drilling of the spelling patterns. His spoken English became such that he now can do phone sales. He is grateful to CLC and Reading Horizons for the instruction in how the English language works. At that time we were not only delivering to foreign students. We had several adults and children using the program. I remember a lady who had suffered a stroke which caused her to lose her ability to read. She came every day and used the computer to drill phonics and totally rehabilitated herself as a reader. A 7th grade boy who could not read big words learned how to read by syllables and declared "if you do that you can read anything", After he had that realization, he no longer needed tutoring. I am very happy that your school has decided to use Reading Horizons and am not at all surprised that your students are doing so well.

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