August 19, 2002

NJ Workshop Literacy Centers Agree Phonics Works for ESL and Low-Level Readers

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Reading Horizons announces that 14 New Jersey Workplace Literacy pilot sites have chosen to add the Reading Horizons phonics instruction program to the existing COMPASS program currently being piloted. Reading Horizons will further enhance the ability of the pilot sites to serve limited English speakers and participants with low literacy levels.

The New Jersey Workplace Literacy program was created in partnership with the New Jersey Department of Labor and New Jersey Network Public Television. It consists of one-stop employment centers and Hispanic (and other) community based sites. The centers offer training programs and services directly to welfare registrants, dislocated workers, and other job seekers identified by the Department of Labor.

Founded in 1984, Reading Horizons is dedicated to helping people read so they will be better prepared to accomplish everyday tasks. With over 5,000 sites successfully utilizing theReading Horizons computer courseware, HEC has established a strong foothold in adult and workplace literacy markets.

We would be pleased to provide any additional information you may require. Please contact Tyson Smith at (801) 295-7054.

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