January 04, 2002

Phonics Equals Success for CALDOC

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Reading Horizons, a Utah based company, is pleased to announce that the California Department of Corrections (CALDOC) has purchased and completed the installation of a Windows upgrade of Reading Horizons computer courseware in all 24 state run correctional facilities. In 1994, California State University reviewed 20 phonics products and selectedReading Horizons for use in the California Inmate Literacy Project. During the months and years after the program was first installed, student progress for each site was reported to California State University at Sacramento. Reading gains as high as 4.3 grade levels in fewer than six months were reported. When asked if they thought the computer had helped them read better, 95 percent of students surveyed answered in the affirmative. The ethnicity of the specific students was tracked as well. The students showing the greatest grade gains overall were the Hispanic students, confirming the fact that Discover Intensive Phonics works very well with English as a Second Language students.

Over the years, Reading Horizons has established a strong foothold in the low-level literacy market. Reading Horizons is used statewide in correctional facilities in Maryland, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, and Alabama and can also be found in hundreds of adult and juvenile corrections facilities. Reading Horizons, based on the Discover Intensive Phonics for Yourselfreading system, is the best approach for building a foundation from which older students can expand their ability to read and spell words in English.

About HEC Software, Inc./Reading Horizons

Founded in 1984, HEC Software, Inc./Reading Horizons is dedicated specifically to helping people learn to read so they can be better prepared to accomplish real-life tasks that they face every day and create opportunities to expand their horizons in the future. The Discover Intensive Phonics approach to reading is an explicit, systematic, multi-sensory approach to reading that starts at an absolute zero level of ability and guides students through the decoding of high school level words in as little as three to six months time. Reading Horizons offers direct instruction materials, computer courseware, and teacher-training workshops to assist students ranging in age from Kindergarten to adult.

The Reading Horizons courseware has proven to be an invaluable solution for older students with poor reading skills. Based on the Discover Intensive Phonics for Yourself system, it is simple, sequential, logical, and fast moving. Through instruction that includes the 42 Sounds of the Alphabet, Five Phonetic Skills, and two decoding skills, the student builds a strong foundation for reading and spelling. The computer courseware is accompanied with a complete human voice soundtrack. It begins at grade level 0, and because of the voice component, even complete nonreaders can successfully use the software. Upon completion, students can decode multi syllabic words at an 8th grade level or higher.

HEC Software, Inc. is headquartered at:

60 North Cutler Drive Suite 101 
North Salt Lake, Utah 84054

For the past 18 years HEC has marketed to K-12 schools, colleges, job training programs, correctional institutions, corporations, and individuals. With more than 5,000 sites successfully utilizing the Discover Intensive Phonics materials, HEC has established a strong foothold in the low-level literacy market.

We would be pleased to provide any additional information you may require. Please contact Tyson Smith at (801) 295-7054.

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