August 12, 2003

Reading Horizons Integral Component in NJ "Workplace Essentials"

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Improving Reading Skills a Priority

Reading Horizons announces its partnership with Learnscape, Inc. in the New Jersey "Workplace Essentials" program. HEC literacy programs have already been included at 26 sites - with 15 more coming - throughout the state, including a housing authority and halfway house.

Funded by the New Jersey Department of Labor and contracted through the New Jersey Network, Workplace Essentials is set up to aid illiterate adults and those looking to increase their job skills.

"Reading Horizons is an integral component of the Workplace Essentials program," says Charles Lawson, sales representative for Learnscape. "It is a valuable tool in helping illiterate adults increase their job skills. After going through the Reading Horizons computer software, many gain excellent reading skills and go on to a community college and get a degree and, subsequently, a better job."

We would be pleased to provide any additional information you may require. Please contact Laurie Ridges at (801) 295-7054.

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