December 26, 2014

[PRESS RELEASE] Reading Horizons Releases Vocabulary App for Discovery Online Customers

North Salt Lake, UT, December 20, 2014

vocabulary-appReading Horizons has created and released a new iPad app for its Reading Horizons Discovery™ online software customers. The app allows students to access the vocabulary section of the Reading Horizons Discovery software from an iPad. Student progress on the app is synced with the online software so that students can transfer between working on the app and the software without repeating any of their work. Reading Horizons Discovery online software customers can now download the Vocabulary App for free in the iTunes store.

The vocabulary app allows students to spell a word, mark it, prove it, and hear it pronounced. This provides students with explicit instruction and practice in the phonology and orthography of the word. Students are able to interact with the word and have a multi-sensory experience that helps foster engagement and create connections. 

Students are also able to hear and see the definition of a word and hear and see it used in a sentence. The usage is simple and clear and provides a foundation for teachers to discuss the meaning of the word and guide students through creating their own sentences to show word usage. Students are able to see a picture connected with the word (if applicable). This further provides students with an opportunity to connect to prior knowledge. Related words are also shown to deepen connections and increase vocabulary knowledge. 

The vocabulary tool allows students autonomy and choice in their interaction with the word while providing a multi-sensory engaging experience that helps make learning words fun. 

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