June 20, 2011

Someone In Your Backyard Struggles with Reading - His Name is Fred

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Reading Horizons is pleased to announce the addition of another chapter of In Your Own Backyard, a popular mini-documentary that explores the challenges of learning disabilities like dyslexia. The newest addition to the literacy project is Fred Wilcock, an entrepreneur and self-made man.

Fred, now age 73, was raised in rural Utah and never began his formal education until his family moved to the city where he attended junior high school. He couldn’t read, spell, or write but he got involved in football and track – holding the state record in the javelin throw for more than 30 years. Because Fred was a tremendous athlete but a poor student, he was shuffled through the education system, eventually graduating high school in 1956.

“”It’s been hard not to be able to read. I relied on my family to fill out employment applications and read the mail. I tried to cover it all up by working harder than anyone else.”

That hard work paid off. Fred started and sold two very successful businesses in his lifetime. Twenty years he overcame a major heart attack. That’s when he decided to go to a literacy center to learn to read. He says,“Imagine what more I could have accomplished in my life if I would have found help for my reading problems.”And although today Fred is retired, he hasn’t stopped working. For the past three years he has been building a family cabin – with his own two hands. He’s happy to point out that he can even read the blueprints.

The videos for the “In Your Own Backyard” series highlight the lives of individuals who struggle with reading. The narratives were created in an effort to demonstrate that literacy difficulties are real and are prevalent.

Others who are featured “In Your Own Backyard” include Ann Sharp who, while working on her Ph.D., discovered that she struggled with dyslexia her entire life. You can also learn about Dustan Volk, a professional golfer, and Cory Warner a recent high school graduate, who survived school by becoming the class clown.

We’ve discovered that you don’t have to travel far to find someone whose daily life is impacted by dyslexia, learning disabilities, ADHD, or a host of other issues. These people are not just statistics; they have disappointments and dreams, periods of struggle and success, and, most importantly, they use their challenges to become champions to their families and communities.

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