August 14, 2007

State of Utah Approves Discover Intensive Phonics for Use in Classroom

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We are pleased to announce the acceptance of Discover Intensive Phonics on the Utah State Instructional Materials approval list. The Discover Intensive Phonics Elementary Teacher’s Kit and elementary software were reviewed during the spring of 2007 and were approved and accepted May 3. The contract period is through 2011.

This decision allows Utah educators to use the Discover Intensive Phonics method in their classrooms as a supplement to any basal programs they already may be using. Our materials “are state recommended and may be purchased by schools and districts with funds designated for state instructional materials.”

Following are some comments from the official report:

“(Discover Intensive Phonics) is sequential, age appropriate and matches the Utah Core. It provides depth, utilizes current research-based practices and has material that is interesting and engaging.”

Rubric results:

  • 80 percent of the identified Utah Core objectives are covered.
  • The objectives covered are clearly stated with measurable outcomes.
  • 80 percent of the program content is covered in an appropriate sequence matching the Utah Core.
  • The program utilizes 80 percent or more of current research-based practices.
  • Teacher materials are well organized with easy-to-read font and good correlation with student materials.
  • Technology provided is appropriate, giving additional support for student learning.
  • Program provides multiple assessment measures to monitor individual student progress at regular intervals.
  • Program provides ways to adapt curriculum for all students (e.g., special learning needs, learning disabilities, ELL, and advanced learners).

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