August 01, 2005

Temple University Research Project

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In a collaborative effort, Temple University’s Center for Research in Human Development and Education, MAR*TEC (Mid-Atlantic Regional Technology Education Center), and Reading Horizons have joined forces to help older students and adults who are struggling readers. Instructors from Temple University, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, have been trained in the Discover Intensive Phonics method and have implemented the Reading Horizons literacy program in their classrooms. The program is now in its third year at the university.

Data collected from the students’ progress during the first two years of the program have shown marked success in providing tools for these individuals to improve their reading scores. Out of a total of 21 participants over that time, only one did not show any significant grade-level gain in reading ability. During the first year of implementation, the highest grade level gain made by any student was two grade levels; last year, it was five!

As instructors have involved their students in Reading Horizons, they have found that the multi-sensory involvement has engaged students in a way that helped them to use their own, individual learning style, and the Mastery, Drill, and Practice section of the software has helped them to internalize the decoding skills. Instructors have also enjoyed employing direct-instruction to help students become active participants, which, in turn, has improved the students’ self-confidence and independence.

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