August 01, 2017

Reading Horizons Releases New Blended PD Course

The six professional development modules for ELA teachers will provide ongoing instruction through a combination of face-to-face, video, and online lessons

(Salt Lake City, UT) August 1, 2017 —  Reading Horizons, a multisensory curriculum that fosters rapid increases in reading skills, today announced the release of a new online professional development course. The course, which consists of six modules, will serve as an always-accessible resource for educators learning how to teach reading or refining their instruction of reading fundamentals.  

The Reading Horizons Online Professional Development Course provides ongoing input, follow-up, support, and practice through a blended learning model. The online course pairs with one day of initial face-to-face instruction. The course presents a method-based approach for teaching reading, providing varied approaches for different age groups when applicable. Modeled classroom footage for adult, secondary, and elementary learners is included.     

“When we started our pre-initiative research for the project, all the best practice resources we found led back to a simple concept: well-trained teachers have successful students,” said Tyson Smith, the President of Reading Horizons. “An ongoing PD approach is more important than a one-time info dump. Workshops need ongoing support to really work. It’s not just learning the content; it’s learning to apply the actual practices that matters.”

The six modules include five common courses, with the sixth offered for advanced teachers. The courses include:

  • a pretest to engage problem-solving and unlock potential extended content, depending on the teacher’s starting score;
  • a video introduction;
  • practice sessions;
  • classroom observation videos with real classroom interaction;
  • follow-up questions; and
  • a post-test followed by a self-evaluation to measure teacher understanding.

During every step of the process, instructors can observe recorded, modeled lessons that are included with each course, allowing teachers to see concepts in practice as they go.

“Adults learn best through lessons that are relevant to them,” said Carrie Drake, Reading Horizons’ curriculum and training specialist. “By observing their colleagues enacting the exact same practices and approach, our teachers are given an opportunity to learn not only through observation but collaboration as well.”

For more information on the Reading Horizons Online Professional Development Course, please visit ( ).

About Reading Horizons 
For more than 30 years, Reading Horizons has dedicated its time and effort to perfecting a reading method that has proven successful for beginning readers, struggling readers, and students learning English. Reading Horizons products are research-based and use a multisensory system that provides explicit, systematic, and sequential decoding instruction. For more information, please visit

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