The Next Step Up:  Reading Horizons Elevate

We are excited to announce the release of Reading Horizons Elevate!

Reading Horizons Elevate builds on the effective Reading Horizons v5 software with several enhancements that make the software more fun and engaging for older struggling readers and ESL students.

Watch this video to learn more:

New Features:

3 Skill-based Games provide students with motivating practice opportunities to reinforce skills learned. The difficulty level increases as the student advances through the software. Instructors can adjust student access to games, as desired.

The Custom Report Tool was added to give teachers the ability to assess a student's and/or class's progress over a given period of time by comparing an initial score with the latest score for each progress assessment. The report shows a snap shot of the students' scores for each selected assessment at each of the customized benchmark dates. The report auto-calculates the gain or loss for each assessment for each student and reports the averages for the selected group.

Auto Logout ensures that the student time in software reported is more accurate. After 10 minutes of software inactivity, students will receive a 30-second warning before they are automatically logged out.


The Reading Library has 57 new passages. We now have more than 285 passages distributed over 17 categories, two of which are new: Hobbies and Occupations.  We also updated or rewrote 45 of our existing passages.

The Vocabulary Section grew by more than 2,000 words. We added 3 new English for Special Purposes (ESP) categories: Construction, Culinary, and Law Enforcement. We now have over 12,000 vocabulary terms

Student Dashboard modifications make it much easier and more intuitive for students to navigate the software. The new dashboard now guides the student sequentially through lessons, activities, and tests while still providing access to review or retake completed work.

Administration System improvements provide administrators with the ability to edit all student options for multiple students at the same time.

Upgrade Information

To upgrade the online version of Reading Horizons v5 to Reading Horizons Elevate follow the steps below:

1. Have the account administrator login to the Reading Horizons v5 Administration Portal

2. Click on the "Advanced" tab, then click on "Account Information". Click "Upgrade to Elevate" to initiate the conversion process

3. All account information (administrators, groups, students, student data, etc.) will be transferred to Reading Horizons Elevate

4. Visit to access the new version

5. Update all links and shortcuts for students and instructors to Reading Horizons Elevate

*All customers using the online version of the software qualify for a free upgrade. Network customers should contact their account representative to see if they qualify for a free upgrade and to get pricing and availability information: 800.333.0054.

**If you are not a current customer, but are interested in purchasing Reading Horizons Elevate for the struggling readers you work with, contact us at: 800.333.0054