Dyslexia Resources

For Administrators

The READ Act, signed by President Obama in 2016, devotes at least 25 million annually to research through the National Science Foundation. The bill requires a focus on best practices including curricula development and evidence based educational tools for students with dyslexia.

Schools are working to modify their existing RTI programs to better serve their students with dyslexia. Helping students with dyslexia become successful readers will require that teachers be trained in the characteristics of dyslexia and the accommodations that will support dyslexics as they become successful readers.

Current research is clear in its support of sequential, sequenced, multisensory phonics instruction for all students and especially for students with dyslexia.

Download our free dyslexia resource

Download our free Dyslexia resource kit that provides information on how to set up an RTI program if you don't already have one or how to modify an already existing RTI program for students with dyslexia.

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