Dyslexia Test

Indicators of dyslexia can be identified early by screening for specific characteristics. Research shows that early and appropriate intervention leads to the most successful outcomes.

Take our online dyslexia test to discover whether or not you should seek further diagnosis options!

Disclaimer for Parents and Teachers

The informal screening is not a diagnosis of dyslexia. This screening form can be used to assist in identifying characteristics of dyslexia and may identify the need for further assessment and reading support.

How does Dyslexia get diagnosed?

While there are tests and symptoms that assist in determining if someone has a specific illness or disorder, it takes more than a single measure to arrive at a valid diagnosis of learning disabilities. Learn more about diagnosing dyslexia here. >>


No, they will not be stored anywhere.

This non-diagnostic screener will help identify whether an additional diagnosis is necessary. At the end, we will give additional information on the process for diagnosing dyslexia and will provide you with answers so that you can show them to a professional who can issue an appropriate diagnosis.

Definitely not! We may send you more dyslexia resources, but we'll make sure we keep any further correspondence valuable and relevant.

Relevant research has been attached to every question so that you can see why we included each question in the screener. You can access this research by clicking on the “View Research” button on each page of the screener.