Grant Details

Title Johnson Controls Foundation
State Minnesota
Type Adult Education
Giving Area Milwaukee
What is Funded Contributions in this category will be made to public and private higher educational institutions, adult education and training programs, and education related organizations. Included in this area is the funding of a scholarship program for children of employees of Johnson Controls, Inc.
Who is Eligible The Foundation contributes to organizations in the United States that operate not for profit and are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as tax-exempt institutions.
Restrictions  Contributions are limited to organizations that are exempt from taxation under the Internal Revenue Service Code.  The Foundation shall not participate or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office, or any political organization. No gifts will be made to any municipal, state, federal agency, or department, or to any organization established to influence legislation.  No distribution will be made to a private individual for support of personal needs.  No gifts will be made to sectarian institutions or programs whose services are limited to members of any one religious group or whose funds are used primarily for the propagation of a religion.  In general, no gifts will be made for testimonial dinners, fund raising events, tickets to benefits, shows, or advertising. Grants are not made to provide monies for travel or tours, seminars and conferences or for publication of books and magazines or media productions.  Grants are not usually made for specific medical or scientific research projects.  No gifts will be made to foreign-based institutions; nor will any grants be made to institutions or organizations for use outside of the United States.  Grants are not made to fraternal orders or veteran groups.  The Foundation does not donate equipment, products or labor.  Grants are not made to private foundations or to endowment funds.
How to Apply Go to their website and click on the online application link. This will take you through the process. The 'guidelines' link will help you understand more about what they give funding to.
Deadline September
Deadline Details The Foundation operates on a calendar year. Grant proposals submitted after October 1, will be reviewed the following calendar year. Notification of final action may take up to 120 days.

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Scope: US-Minnesota

Deadline: 09-September

Type: Adult Education

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