Reading Horizons Virtual Classroom

As your school works to adapt to the COVID-19 school closures, use these resources to move your Reading Horizons instruction to a virtual environment. Our virtual lessons provide your students with virtual reading instruction while providing you with examples for creating your own virtual lessons.


Getting Started

Get started with Reading Horizons in a virtual setting.

Adapting to Virtual Instruction

Convert your classroom into a virtual learning environment.

Virtual Lessons & Student Packets

Recorded lessons and downloadable homework packets for students. Lesson ideas for parents and teachers.

Accelerated Reading Tracks to Combat COVID-19 Learning Loss

Our accelerated virtual reading program helps students combat the learning loss from COVID-19 school closures and build reading skills through a competency-based virtual program. This program is available to every school and district and includes both paid and free resources. Learn more about the program here.

Teachers and parents, click the button below for more information and to find the right learning track for your students before they start the program.


Students, have a teacher or parent guide you to the correct page to begin your program. Or, if you are in grades K-3 and were taught with Reading Horizons last school year (2019-2020), click here. If you are in grades K-3 and were not taught with Reading Horizons last school year (2019-2020), click here. If you are in grades 4+ click here, and ask your teacher or parent which track you need to complete.

Need support or interested in Reading Horizons software products? Contact us at (800) 333-0054.

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