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Why Do Customers Love
Reading Horizons Discovery®?

More than using a reading program that is aligned with standards and research, you want a program that works. Luckily, you don't have to take our word for it. Explore the videos, case studies, news articles, and testimonials below to see why educators like you choose Reading Horizons Discovery® for their students.


Meeting the Needs of Every Student

Watch how these educators used the Reading Horizons Discovery® program to help students with a wide variety of needs make gains in reading.

Marion School District, AR

Various Schools, AL

Goodlett Elementary, TN

Case Study

Iron Springs Elementary

When Iron Springs Elementary first opened, the staff wanted to ensure that every student received a solid foundation in reading. To meet this goal, the staff selected Reading Horizons because it was used at another school in the Iron County School District where it was found to be affordable, engaging, and easy to implement. It also correlated to the National Reading Panel’s research findings concerning effective reading instruction for all students.

To test the efficacy of the program, the Institute for Behavioral Research in Creativity (IBRIC), in partnership with the Utah State Office of Education and Iron County School District, conducted a three-year evaluation of Reading Horizons at Iron Springs Elementary.


Decoding supercalifragilisticexpialidocious with dyslexia

It was my first day with my group of Tier III 2nd-graders, and they were ready to go around the room and introduce themselves. It was going fine until one student said something surprising.

“I’m Jacob, and I can’t read.”

It was odd. I learned later that Jacob was a competitive gymnast and a smart kid, but he chose to identify himself as someone who couldn’t read well.

I told him that I specialize in reading and that I’d help him fix that.


Putting Reading First

Watch how these educators used the Reading Horizons Discovery® program to make reading a priority for beginning and struggling readers in grades K-3.

Magnolia Parkway Elementary, TX

Neshaminy School District, PA

Davis School District, UT

Case Study

North Fork School District

Hundreds of students participated in a district-wide trial of Reading Horizons Discovery® over a period of five months. Students in the trial schools averaged higher average Lexile® measure gains than students in the control schools.

The first and second-grade classrooms that used the program the most throughout the school year showed fewer students needing intensive reading instruction on the Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS).


How we turned around our reading program

There were many gaps in foundational reading across classrooms before we piloted our new reading program. It didn’t seem that we had a common methodology to teach foundational literacy. We were looking for a resource to fill this gap. We also were lacking in the area of personalized learning that supported foundational literacy skills. We were having trouble supporting students who needed extra help while providing enrichment for students who were already thriving.


Take the Next Step

Interested in learning more about how the Reading Horizons Discovery® program can help your students make gains in reading? Take the next step in your research and request a demo to decide for yourself if Reading Horizons is right for your students.

"Our DIBELS scores have never been better and I’ve never felt so confident in teaching reading. My kids love dictation and we are so excited about phonics! Reading Horizons has really made all the difference for us!"

- Tami J., Weber School District, UT

"The children pop up out of their desks every day to do Reading Horizons. We find the children become successful with phonics and reading because [Reading Horizons] works, and the program is very consistent. It presents patterns that the children seem to latch onto very easily…They are immediately comfortable with this kind of approach.”

- Donna S., Reading Specialist, Emden Elementary, TX

"My third graders made 100% gains on their Literacy test! I'm so glad we have access to Reading Horizons online [software] where my students can make great gains at their own pace. Thanks RH team! You have made this possible for many of my ELL students."

- Sussy B., Oklahoma City Public Schools, OK

"Reading Horizons has given our teachers a fresh perspective on the teaching of reading. Teacher morale has improved due to the success they are seeing in their students’ reading gains."

- Chere’ F., Director of Instructional Services, Haleyville City Schools, AL

"My students' test scores have all gone through the roof, and Reading Horizons is the only thing different from last year. Confidence levels, accuracy, everything has gone up."

- Amy M., Lucy Elementary, TN