RHD Software

Provide every K-3 student with instruction based on the science of reading—in or out of the classroom.


Instructional Reading Software for Grades K-3

Give teachers an automated assistant for monitoring student progress and reinforcing teacher-led literacy instruction with the Reading Horizons Discovery® Software. The software prevents students from falling behind by notifying teachers when a student is struggling with a skill so the teacher can quickly intervene with targeted support.

The Reading Horizons Discovery® Software makes the following tasks more efficient for teachers:

Differentiated Instruction

The software naturally differentiates instruction to meet the needs of each individual student. If a student demonstrates mastery, the software moves forward. If a student is struggling with a skill, the software provides additional activities and instruction and notifies the teacher so he/she can provide targeted intervention.

Progress Monitoring

The software uses a series of assessments and skill checks to establish benchmarks, measure growth, ensure mastery, and to accurately differentiate instruction. All lesson and assessment data can be reviewed by teachers and administrators through the administration system.

Student Review & Reinforcement

The software can provide students with a preview or a review of class material to get extra practice and exposure without using class or teacher time. If a student misses class for sickness or other reasons, the software can quickly help them get back on track with the rest of the class.

Virtual Instruction

In virtual classrooms, the software can lead instruction or be used in connection with teacher-led virtual instruction for student practice, accountability, and assessment. The software is accessed online, so students can log in in from anywhere they have internet access.


Covering the Basics

Students learn all of the skills needed for proficient reading through the lesson content of the Reading Horizons Discovery® Software.

Lesson content covers:

  • All of the phonetic and decoding skills of the Reading Horizons® method
  • The 300 most common sight words of the English language (Most Common Words)
  • Basic grammar skills (Reference lessons)

Each of these skills is presented in a deliberate sequence that starts with the simplest skills and builds to the more complex, one skill at a time.


Ensuring Understanding

To establish benchmarks, measure progress, and ensure student understanding, the Reading Horizons Discovery® Software uses a series of assessments:

  • Phonemic Awareness Assessment
  • Most Common Words Assessment
  • Spelling/Word Recognition Assessment
  • Reading Assessment (created in partnership with MetaMetrics® using the Lexile® Framework for Reading—software add-on)
  • Chapter Tests
  • Lesson Skill Checks and Check-Ups

Transfer Decoding Skills to Fluent Reading

Decoding skills are crucial for fluent reading, but they are not the end goal of reading instruction. To help students transfer these skills to reading fluency and comprehension, the Reading Horizons Discovery® Software includes additional tools and activities to encourage the transfer of these skills to higher-level reading tasks.

ABC Say/ABC Draw

Sometimes students need to master basic skills before they can progress to more advanced reading skills. ABC Say and ABC Draw ensure students know how to pronounce, recognize, and draw each letter and sound of the alphabet.

Vocabulary Word Wall

Decoding skills prepare students to recognize and spell the words of their oral vocabulary and to apply these skills to new vocabulary terms so they can read with fluency and comprehension.

Reading Library

Students love reading the stories in the Reading Horizons Discovery® library! These stories use controlled text that reinforces each of the skills of the Reading Horizons® method. Because each book aligns with the instructional sequence, students are prepared with the needed decoding skills and sight words to successfully read each text.


Keeping Learning Fun

To fuel student motivation, students earn coins as they progress through the lessons and assessments on the Reading Horizons Discovery® Software that allow them to customize their clubhouse and play language-based games.


Staying in Sync

The Reading Horizons Discovery® Software is most effective when it is synced with teacher-led instruction. The Reading Horizons Discovery® direct instruction materials give teachers a thorough guide for providing instruction that is based on the science of reading and is perfectly correlated to our software instruction.

For students in grades K-3, the ideal combination is to have teachers provide direct instruction, use the software for pre-teaching concepts, reviewing material, or catching up students who were absent during teacher-led instruction.

"Our DIBELS scores have never been better and I’ve never felt so confident in teaching reading. My kids love dictation and we are so excited about phonics! Reading Horizons has really made all the difference for us!"

- Tami J., Weber School District, UT

"The children pop up out of their desks every day to do Reading Horizons. We find the children become successful with phonics and reading because [Reading Horizons] works, and the program is very consistent. It presents patterns that the children seem to latch onto very easily…They are immediately comfortable with this kind of approach.”

- Donna S., Reading Specialist, Emden Elementary, TX

"My third graders made 100% gains on their Literacy test! I'm so glad we have access to Reading Horizons online [software] where my students can make great gains at their own pace. Thanks RH team! You have made this possible for many of my ELL students."

- Sussy B., Oklahoma City Public Schools, OK

"Reading Horizons has given our teachers a fresh perspective on the teaching of reading. Teacher morale has improved due to the success they are seeing in their students’ reading gains."

- Chere’ F., Director of Instructional Services, Haleyville City Schools, AL

"My students' test scores have all gone through the roof, and Reading Horizons is the only thing different from last year. Confidence levels, accuracy, everything has gone up."

- Amy M., Lucy Elementary, TN