Simple, Straightforward ELL/ESL Reading Instruction

Aside from the frustration of a language barrier, ESL students are overloaded with new information—a new culture, a new environment, and new people. Being overloaded with so much new information is overwhelming, yet ESL students need to develop language skills quickly in order to adapt to their new surroundings.

How Can Reading Horizons Help?

Reading Horizons provides a research-based approach that breaks the basics of the English language into a step-by-step process that shows ESL students exactly what they need to do in order to learn to read, write, and communicate.

Reading Horizons teaches phonics in an explicit, systematic, and multi-sensory fashion. As students build these foundational skills, Reading Horizons layers in activities that promote pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension development. Because the reading curriculum provides a thorough explanation of the rules and structure of the English language, ESL students are empowered with strategies that dramatically decrease their reading, spelling, and pronunciation errors. 

Language Support

The software for older students caters to ESL students by providing language translations of the lesson material in Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese. (The software has also been used successfully with Arabic, Korean, Portuguese, and other languages without the language translations).

The reading exercises were deliberately designed to help ESL students adjust to the American culture and lifestyle by including various text types typical to everyday life.

A pronunciation tool shows the proper tongue and mouth placement for each of the sounds in the English language.

To keep students of all ages engaged and motivated, Reading Horizons takes its unique methodology and makes it appealing to different age groups. This allows every ESL student to get the targeted, quality instruction they need in a way that builds their confidence rather than repelling them with instruction that seems “boring” or “babyish.”

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Fast Results

Reading Horizons accelerates learning through individualized instruction and practice. Every lesson, chapter, and comprehension exercise—in both the software and direct instruction materials—has built-in assessment components that allow teachers to easily monitor student progress every step of the way. If students demonstrate proficiency in a skill, they move faster. If they struggle, they slow down to get the instruction and practice they need.

By continuously assessing students and adjusting instruction to meet their needs, ESL students receive instruction that is perfectly efficient. Because the program is highly streamlined and focused, most ESL students show measurable gains within the first few weeks of instruction.

Upon completing the Reading Horizons program (40-60 hours of instruction), most students make 2-3 grade level gains in reading. If the average student doesn’t see an average gain of two grade levels, Reading Horizons offers a two-year money back guarantee (when implemented with fidelity).

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