Virtual Reading Tracks (Accelerated) | Grades 4+

Welcome to your virtual reading track! This reading program will help you catch up, get ahead, and be prepared to stay on pace with your peers.
To begin the program, watch the video in the “Getting Started” section. After watching the video, select the track your teacher assigned you. Choose that same track each time you come back to this page. Complete one day of instruction each day (or as directed by your teacher or parent). Enjoy!

Getting Started

  1. Choose the track your teacher assigns you. This will be either Track 1, Track 2, or Track 3. You will select this same track each day you work on the program.
  2. Start with the instruction for “Day 1“. You can download this page to track your progress and mark off each day.
  3. Click the image above “Day 1“ to watch a virtual lesson.
  4. Listen to the teacher in the video and follow what the model student does during the lesson.
  5. When the teacher in the video tells you to use different resources, click the correct link below the image.
  6. Your teacher may instruct you to complete additional lessons on the software or from a printed packet. You will use the login information your teacher provides to use the software. If you are instructed to use the software, use the link to the software that can be found directly below your grade level. 
  7. After you complete what your teacher has assigned, you are done for the day!
  8. When your teach assigns the next lesson, return to this page to complete the assignment, following the same steps.
  9. You may want to have a parent or guardian help you bookmark this page so you can quickly find it next time.

Questions? Ask a parent or teacher. If they have questions they can contact us at (800) 333-0054.

Additional Resources