Grade Levels

Paula Krotz

Education Director, Saint Joseph's Children's Home, Wyoming

I had a young man in my classroom who came in as a 3rd grade non-reader...During his stay with us, he moved from a non-reader to a grade level reader because of this program.

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A Teacher from Wisconsin

Teacher, North Elementary Antigo, Wisconsin

I had a student go from ~40 words correct per minute with low accuracy to ~100 words correct per minute with high accuracy in a few weeks. He credited me with teaching him, and all I really did was …

A Teacher from Wisconsin

Teacher, North Elementary Antigo, Wisconsin

Overall my class' spelling scores improved significantly! At the beginning of the year half of my students were identified in PALS. With the help of RH, that number was reduced to 1/6th.

A Teacher from Wisconsin

Teacher, School District of Crandon, Wisconsin

All of my students have moved at least 2 reading levels this school year!

Kathy Saben

Volunteer Coordinator, Umpqua Valley Disabilities Network, Washington

I have a gentleman that has been going to Project Literacy for 12 years with little to no progress...Then, we discovered Reading Horizons! He is reading with fluency, he decodes without much effort, …

Jennifer Young

Teacher, Tacoma School District, Washington

I had one particular student from Iraq who came in with zero English. By the end of the school year, she was able to read at a second grade level. Thank you for creating such an empowering and …

Alan Geho

Teacher, Union Gap School district, Washington

The Reading Horizons methodology allows me as a teacher to meet the students where they are phonetically and watch them improve and in many cases the improvement is absolutely radical!!

Annette Taylor

Elementary Educator, Weber School District, Utah

Reading Horizons has well organized lessons that use a multi-sensory approach to reinforce the explicit sequential instruction. I believe that it implements a first-class marking system, more …