Grade Levels

Reading Horizons Review: Rosemarie Fitzpatrick

Curriculum Coordinator, Gloucester City Public Schools, Gloucester City, New Jersey

I began implementation of Reading Horizons direct and software instruction programs in 2009 for students K-21 receiving educational services in NJ state-operated facilities. There, I was challenged …

Roseanne Hagen

Teacher, Lake Havasu Elementary, Lake Havasu City, Arizona

I am writing this letter to let you know how pleased I am with your Reading Horizons program. I was first introduced to the program when I was completing my teaching degree at Northern Arizona …

Renee Magnusson

Tutor, Bridgerland Literacy, Logan, Utah

Bridgerland Literacy is a nonprofit organization located in Logan, Utah. Each year, we help over 100 students to improve their reading and writing skills. Many of our adult literacy students have …

Reading Horizons Review: Penny Burtless

Teacher, Jamaica Elementary School, Lake Havasu City, Arizona

I am thrilled to share my enthusiasm for Charlotte Lockhart’s Reading Horizons program. I have been using the program to teach first graders since 1989. Our school reading specialist had attended a …

Reading Horizons Review: Penelope Steward

First Grade Teacher, Bruneau School District, Bruneau, Idaho

I found that when Reading Horizons was used in a first grade classroom, we had more kids’ progress consistently and in step with the other students than with any other program because it hit on all …

Reading Horizons Review: Monument Lighthouse Teachers

Monument Lighthouse Charter Schools, Indianapolis, Indiana

“Reading Horizons has helped M. tremendously. He practically begs to use the program daily. His reading has increased from PP to 1st grade level, and it helps keep his behavior on track too.”  - 1st …

Reading Horizons Review: Michelle Meeks

Director, San Juan College Project Read, Farmington, New Mexico

Teachers always talk about how wonderful it is to "see the light come on" when a student "gets it." Teaching reading is all about seeing the light come on. Students in literacy programs, especially …

Reading Horizons Review: Mia Monahan

Tutor, Community Multicultural Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

“Without education you’re nobody,” says Enanu Abohoy. Enanu is originally from Ethiopia. She had no schooling in her native country. She came into our program as an ESL student and was extremely …

Karen Soper

Principal, Manti Elementary, Manti, Utah