Grade Levels

Steven Squillante

Assistant Principal, High School of Economics & Finance, New York City, New York

In the three months that our school has been using Reading Horizons we have seen incredible results. Not only are our students dedicating time to enhancing their skills during school hours, they are …

Sister Nadine Buchanan

Teacher, Dominican Learning Academy, Columbus, Ohio

One student who was going through the workbook after finishing the computer lesson was so excited when she saw that the material to be covered in the workbook lesson was just what she needed! She is …

Shauna Venturino

Teacher, Long View Elementary, Murray, Utah

Excellent instruction! I will now be able to teach students with moderate to severe reading difficulties. 

Sharon Hillestad, E.D.

Teacher, The Community Learning Center, Clearwater, Florida

We have had "wins" (through) using the Reading Horizons program. A 21-year-old man came in and took his word-recognition level from grade 5 to grade 9 in (fewer) than 25 hours! After he (completed) …

Samantha Fitts, Ed.D.

Curriculum Coordinator, Atlanta Public Schools, Atlanta, Georgia

The following quotes are from exit interviews after a Reading Horizons training:  I ADMIT: This presentation was not only fun but very informative. As we practiced decoding, I became more and …

Reading Horizons Review: Meachell LaSalle Walsh

ABE/ESL Director, Great Basin College, Winnemucca, Nevada

Here are some quotes from a few of my students on the phonics skills taught in Reading Horizons: "When I'm not sure how to pronounce a word, I think about phonics." "When I feel frustrated with …

Reading Horizons Review: Mary Powell

Student, Kansas City, Missouri

Reading Horizons has given me skills and confidence to seek a better job. I have recently passed several job-related tests because of my improved skills. I am now training for a new and better job, …

Reading Horizons Review: Mary Ann Glasgow

A.B.L.E. Coordinator, Medina County Career Center, Medina, Ohio

The staff at the Adult Basic and Literacy (A.B.L.E.) program at the Medina County Career Center has used the Reading Horizons program for two years. We have been very pleased with the program and the …

Reading Horizons Review: Marilyn Solberg

Volunteer, Mankato Area Life Lines, Mankato, Minnesota

I don't consider Reading Horizons to be just for students.  It is a program which is very much needed by adult basic education teachers.  We are getting an increase of elementary-level readers in our …