Grade Levels

Reading Horizons Review: Cheritta M.

Teacher, Colonial School District, New Castle Hundred, Deleware

A student was completing a lesson about building words. When he asked to build some words, he got so excited that he could do it and read the word. He kept telling me that he can read words. So I …

Reading Horizons Review: Cher Fields

1st Grade Teacher, Watson Chapel, Edgewood, Arkansas

I would like to share an overall success story. My class has done an excellent job with the Reading Horizons Program, being I was a teacher at the beginning of the year who really didn't want to …

Reading Horizons Review: Chad Bramble

Campus Coordinator, University of Utah English Language Institute, Salt Lake City, Utah

Here at the U’s ELI, we use the Reading Library Book 2 in a number of classes to help the students with everyday reading skills. I believe this is the third year we are using it. Teachers tend to …

Reading Horizons Review: Cathy Diakogeorgiou

Teacher, Groveport Madison Schools, Groveport, Ohio

I hope our district really embraces this program because I think we have struck gold. I wish I had been taught these skills when I was a student!

Reading Horizons Review: Cassada Melissa

Special Education Teacher, Columbia County Schools, Columbia, Georgia

I am a special education teacher and my students have always struggled with Fluency. Because they have struggled with fluency, they struggle with comprehension. Since starting the program, I have …

Reading Horizons Review: Carol Houck - Student Story

5th Grade ELA Teacher, Sharpsville Elementary, Sharpsville, Pennsylvania

Our success story starts with a student entering 5th grade, in September reading at a 2nd Grade level for fluency and comprehension.(Lexile Level 260 on Fall benchmark for RHelevate, DRA level 14) He …

Reading Horizons Review: Carol Gibson

Special Education Teacher, Cassia School District, Cassia County, Idaho

I am a special education teacher for grade 6-8. I have sucess stories for every student that I have exposed to RH Elevate. One of my favorites is a student that came to me in 6th grade. He knew a few …

Reading Horizons Review: Carol Borghese

English Teacher, Pinkerton Academy, Derry, New Hampshire

I can tell you that I have a student who participated in the RHE program last year and is doing incredibly well in the advanced Reading course this year at Pinkerton. I don't have any data to back it …

Reading Horizons Review: Carie johnson

ESL Teacher, New Albany Floyd School District, New Albany Floyd County, Indiana

I have a student who arrived from Mexico in July with very limited English skills. He completed the Elevate software program by the middle of September. By April he was reading stories that are 800 …