Grade Levels

Reading Horizons Review: Linda England

Special Education Director, Copper Hills Youth Center, West Jordan, Utah

Reading Horizons Review: Leigh Wheeler-Burrow

Correctional Teacher, Trinidad Correctional Facility, Model, Colorado

Offender Sanchez is a 19 year old young man who  had completed the 11th grade in school.   When he was incarcerated and processed through our diagnostic center, he was able to avoid taking the TABE …

Reading Horizons Review: Leah Wood

Teacher, Ysleta Independent School District, El Paso, Texas

My name is Leah Wood and I teach learning disabled and dyslexic students at Eastwood High School for the Ysleta Independent School District in El Paso, Texas.  I use the Reading Horizons program. My …

Reading Horizons Review: Laurie Watkins

Literacy Specialist, BoulderReads! Literacy Center, Boulder, Colorado

Our library-based adult-literacy program has been using Reading Horizons for about a year. Our students are very happy with the no-frills approach. The step-by-step, multi-sensory method works well …

Reading Horizons Review: Larry McCall

Student, Literacy Volunteers of Sullivan County, Monticello, New York

Reading Horizons Review: Korah Winn (Schlueter)

Teacher, Rock Island Academy, Rock Island, Illinois

I have been using for a group of eight students.  I cannot emphasize how important Reading Horizons has been in forcing me to slow down how fast I go over foundational …

Reading Horizons Review: Kitty Harding

Juvenile Teacher, Apache County Juvenile Detention, Apache, Arizona

Thank you for setting up the Reading Horizons training. It was fantastic! Both ladies were extremely knowledgeable and tailored the training to the way we will be utilizing the program. I can’t say …

Reading Horizons Review: Kelly Konietzko

Elementary Teacher, Park Side Elementary, Buffalo, Minnesota

What a great year it has been!  The progress my students have made with the use of Reading Horizons in 1st grade has continued to be amazing!  I used the program last year with my Kindergarten …

Reading Horizons Review: Kathleen Rorrio

Title 1 Teacher, St. Stanislaus School, Chicopee, Massachusetts

I am really enjoying using the program. We are using it mostly with the Title I students at our school. They love the program, as well. The games are great, and I am integrating those into all of the …