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Reading Horizons Review: Barbara Beaudreau

St. George, Illinois

Barbara had a student that was visually impaired and was put in her class for remediation. She worked with him using Reading Horizons and saw great improvement. He recently graduated high school and …

Reading Horizons Review: Hollen Carpenter

Cleveland County Schools, North Carolina

I fell in love immediately when Shantell presented Reading Horizons to our initial group. I begged and begged my principal for it...but luck got me! I was given a kit by our district office! Our …

Reading Horizons Review: Nokoni Carter

Responsive Education Solutions, Texas

I have a student in third grade who was reading almost two years below her grade appropriate reading level in Dec. 2015. She started Reading Horizons Elevate in January of 2016 and just loved the …

Reading Horizons Review: Bernice Yanez

Premier High School, San Antonio, Texas

I would just like to write a few lines to let you all know that I have worked with Reading Horizons over the past four years. I am a Special Education Teacher at a Charter school in San Antonio, …

Reading Horizons Review: JaNan Straznicky

Hawkins ISD, Texas

After months of considering several different phonics programs; Hawkins Elementary, chose Reading Horizons. It had all of the components that we felt like our kids needed to build a strong phonics …

Reading Horizons Review: Michelle Gray

RPS 205, Illinois

I started teaching Kindergarten at the end of October. I came into the room as the students 3rd teacher and many, many subs. I started using Reading Horizons after my first week. With help from my …

Reading Horizons Review: Kim Gerbich

Barrow Elementary, Texas

My kids have really "bought" into this program! They love to use their white boards for dictation and decoding strategies. They are always so eager to show their work and then check it to see if it …

Reading Horizons Review: Heather Price

Tallassee City Schools, Tallassee, Alabama

I see many daily success stories. However, I am about to finish chapter 6 for the first time and the progress that has been made with this group is remarkable. It is AMAZING to see how far they have …

Reading Horizons Review: Jessica Blevins

Special Ed. Teacher, Science Hill Ind., Kentucky