February 26, 2019

Reading Horizons Review: Carol Houck

Tags: Direct Instruction, Elementary, K-12 Intervention

I have several but the one I will share is a boy in my room when he entered my class this year read at an end of first grade reading level. He has been struggling in school since his mom had passed away 4 years ago, both academically and socially. He was reluctant to do many of the motions or repeating but he was listening and when he was able to practice with the online portion of elevate, he took off. He completed the 5th chapter and was reading at a 4th grade reading level when we ended the year. The way the lessons, workbook, and online program worked together reinforced and opened up his ability to decode words and increase his fluency and comprehension. He loved, loved, loved the library and was the first in the class to have it opened so he felt very proud. He became a helper to others who were struggling and the young man with the bangs in his face and angry expressions started to smile and have self confidence. All but one of my students made wonderful growth on this program and I am so very proud of their accomplishments.

Grade Level: Elementary