February 27, 2019

Reading Horizons Review: Cassada Melissa

Tags: Direct Instruction, Implementation, K-12 Intervention, Methodology, Results, Special Education

I am a special education teacher and my students have always struggled with Fluency. Because they have struggled with fluency, they struggle with comprehension. Since starting the program, I have seen my student’s fluency score increase from 25% to 50%. Since their fluency has increased, their comprehension skills has increased as well. I use the program plus add in additional things to utilize the skills we are learning. I love this program.

Had so much fun today with my reading lesson. We portrayed one of the reading passages up on the SmartBoard. The kids had their own paper copies. We used different colored pencils to search for l blends, s blends, and then r blends. Each time finding a blend they competed with me. If they found more than me, they put a tally on their paper for a treat later.  We then road mapped the passage, finding the main idea of each paragraph. We also made inferences with most of the paragraphs. We found facts in the passage. We also talked about adjectives (describing words) and highlighted some. Author’s purpose was discussed and identified. We discussed how they gave us the definition to the bold word. After road mapping the passage, we highlighted the answer to the questions in the passage before answering the questions. We “proved” the answers.

Great lesson covering the lessons we had learned (blends) as well as covering other skills.

Had so much fun with this lesson. Can’t wait to do the next one. Already thinking of skills to cover next time.

I have pictures as well.