February 26, 2019

Reading Horizons Review: Christy Buhr

Tags: Direct Instruction, Elementary, Implementation, K-12 Intervention, Results, Student Stories

I had a student reading me a story. The student was struggling so I told him to look at the word. I asked if he knew the sounds for the first two letters and he said yes. I told him to say the slide the two sounds made. I told him to add the sound of the last letter in the word. With this assistance, he was able to say the correct sounds which we have been practicing since implementing the program. He said it did not make sense. I told him to finish reading the sentence and then reread the whole sentence. With this assistance, he was able to figure out the correct way to pronounce the word. (The correct word was said. He pronounced it said until he reread the sentence and it made sense to him in context). Using the slide helped since he didn't know the sight word yet.

Grade Level: Elementary