February 27, 2019

Reading Horizons Review: Dawn Ella Mashaw

Tags: Special Education, Student Stories

Just wanted to let you know I love the Reading Horizons program. The student I originally began this program for was a third grade female student with dyslexia.  She started out on her STAR reading test with a 1.9 grade equivalent and her last score was GE 3.4!!!!! She also scored proficient on the Oklahoma Core Curriculum Test and will pass to the fourth grade. Amazing results!!! My second favorite story is my second grade male student with a learning disability. His first of the year STAR score was GE 0.9 ... he ended with a 2.1!!!!!! That is what you can absolutely call "closing the gap". Thank  you so much for sharing this program with me. I will be using it next year with a group at each grade level 1-3. 

Grade Level: Elementary